Sales Training for Auto Dealerships

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Leaders Speakers has the expertise to train sales personnel for automobile and has worked with many around the U.S. to provide successful candidates.

Properly staffing your dealership can be a distraction to your business , it’s time consuming and takes valuable time away form your ability to do what you do best and that is selling cars. We are experienced at preparing either your new recruits for that first customer selling experience so that they not only feel confident but competent with their first interactions with a prospective sale. We know that times have changed and there is a “new” approach to getting customers to buy. We teach solution based selling approach to ensure that the customer does not feel the “high pressure” sales stigma when they walk into your dealership.

On top of that, Your dealership will be perceived in a more approachable light and reputation. Now a days word spreads lightning fast with the viral usage of social media and reviews sites. Many of your customers will research your dealership before they visit upon favorable response. Remember, the sales personnel are the ambassadors for your dealership!

I’m sure we can agree, without a properly staffed and talented store, “Human Capital” if you will, your dealership won’t reach its full potential.

We use our expertise in not only sales training, but leadership, and time management that yields competent individuals for your stores.

Recruiting for Dealerships

We can also handle your hiring process so that you can concentrate on your business at hand. Placing ads and taking the time to set up and conduct interviews is very time consuming, management cannot afford to take the time to be off the floor, your sales manager’s time is better served closing deals and running the sales floor. We handle the whole process of advertising on all the search engines that will yield the best candidates, then we will interview and select the best candidates and train them to be “floor ready”

On Board Sales Training

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In order for your candidates to be ready for all of the challenges that automobile sales presents, we train the prospective candidates with our many years of expertise in sales training.Your candidates will be ready to embrace the customer and be able to “partner” with the customer to find the right vehicle solution for their needs.