If you have been searching for Team Building Ideas  “Bicycles Built By You” is a bicycle team building activity for adults, your group will work together with a build a bike kit to build bicycles that are given to local charities.This exciting, high-energy fun team building activity for the workplace is filled with critical key learning components that will help you develop as a team.It’s a fun, fast-paced bicycle team building activity where teams pitch in to build bicycles for deserving children in your local community.

“The event was absolutely THE BEST! Fantastic job!. . . . the group was extremely engaged and loved it . . . . and when the children came in, it was a tough few seconds trying to hold back tears.  It was really an awesome team building experience. Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you .  It was SOOOO well worth it!”

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How Does The Build a bike Team Building Activity Work?

This fun high energy event starts with your personnel being lead through some preliminary team exercises by the facilitator, participants are then divided into groups.The groups will be tasked to come up with a team captain, team flag, team name and a team cheer! The groups will have to perform a team cheer in front of all groups as a competition with the winner to earn an early start to start building the bikes. The groups will be judged as to simulate Americas Got Talent. After the cheer competition, the teams will get envelopes with trivia questions which they will have to solve to obtain the seven bike parts that It will take to complete the bikes (this will take the majority of the time in the event). There will be a few additional obstacles that the teams will have to overcome while building the bikes.When the bikes are all finished being children from a local charity will enter the room and presented with the bikes!

The event generally lasts 2 hours from start to finish

bicycle team building activity

Charity Team Building Event

At the end of the bicycle team building event, we coordinate with a local charity such as the Boys and Girls Club, or the YMCA, to bring in excited children to pick up the bikes.You always have the option to choose a charity that your organization works with, as we are happy to work with them as well! While you’re developing your communication and team building skills during this fun team building activity, you can help give back to your community. How fantastic is that? This bicycle team building event is truly one of the most endearing Team Building activities.