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“What a great time and great event. Everybody bragged about what an awesome time they had and told others what they’d missed building bikes. Thanks again for partnering with us to make the day so successful and I look forward to working with you in the future” 

Bill Vespasian Vice President for Business and Finance/CFO Tri-County Community College

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Team Building Activities for Adults at Work

Review the following sections to learn more about the various team building exercises that we offer: Cultivating A Team Environment –  Bicycles Built By You – Teaming Up for Arts Sake – Scavquest Puttin’ It All Together – Making Friends for Kids   To schedule one of your Corporate Team Building Activities today, give us a call at 800-537-5516.  We look forward to helping you develop an even stronger team for your business!

What is Team Building?

Corporate team building activities or corporate team building can sometimes be seen as waste of time and money, particularly by employees.

This misconception can end up resulting in inadequate corporate team building activities being organized, as management deems them necessary in principle, but demonstrate no understanding about what they are really meant to achieve, beyond some abstract concept of  “Team Building.  The result is:  Employees aren’t properly engaged with the activity and take little benefit away from the Team Building Exercises .

The Importance of Organized Corporate Team Building Activities

Properly organized Team Building Events, Leadership Games, Problem Solving Activities, and Training Games with well thought out activities can result in tremendous results for productivity.  Most companies feature a corporate workforce of people that do not know each other well outside of the workplace and therefore are not entirely at ease with each other.  A natural amount of camaraderie will most likely develop between people who interact with each other on a daily basis, particularly those who sit next to or near each other, but people at slightly further reaches of the organization are sometimes left with a faceless impression of each other, sometimes resulting in an unjustified animosity. Team Building Exercises are therefore primarily designed to allow people to get to know each other in a relaxed and informal environment who otherwise would not be given the opportunity to meet each other outside of a professional situation.  Any bonds made during the day can increase the co-operation between employees on an organization-wide level and therefore have a positive impact on the teamwork efficiency of the organization.

To schedule your team building activity today, please call us at 800-537-5516 or Scroll down to the form below.  We look forward to helping you develop an even stronger team for your business!