Fun team building activities are one the best ways to get people to let their corporate guard down.When it comes to reinforcing the value of working in a group, any company can benefit from indoor fun team building games in his or her upcoming team building event consideration. These activities can help chronically shy or distrustful employees learn to trust the group and work as a team to achieve any goal. Here are a few ways that indoor fun team building games can benefit you.

Team building activities for adultsPutting It All Together – Golf Team Building Activity

– Lubricate and ease communication among teams with a central goal in mind

– Emphasizes team member’s strengths and how to delegate them for optimum success

– Recognize value in brainstorming and bouncing ideas between each other

Most indoor team building games consist of physical and mental activities. Most sessions consist of some icebreaker games to help the group get to know one another better. These include name games, call and response games, and more. These are simple, fun activities that help get the group accustomed to moving and working together as a whole. Putting it All Together implies the aforementioned and provides many team building physical challenges that has a  lasting effect on the participants that are involved in these team building activities for adults.

Puttin’ It All Together – Golf Team Building Activity

one fun physical team building activity that allows teams to work together to construct obstacles with food items on indoor putting greens. Then they make the rounds to each hole until a team makes all the holes successfully to win the challenge.The participants are taken through the memory building exercise at the start of the event as in the “Bicycles Built By You” event, and are broken into groups as well, but the teams are stationed at green felt putting greens that are preset on the floor. Their next task is to acquire an envelope with problems to solve.charitible team building food donationNext, each group will turn in their answers, and if correct, the group will receive canned or boxed food items to make obstacles on their own greens. The purpose here is to make the obstacles just hard enough so that opposing teams will have a hard time putting a hole in one.The teams rotate to all other teams’ holes, and each team member takes turns until someone gets a hole in one.The first team to complete all holes successfully wins! The food items are then picked up by the local food bank for charity.

Fun Team Building Games

If you are looking for a fun physical team building activity for your next conference or meeting, Puttin’ it All Together™ will literally provide the mental and physical challenges to energize and reorganize your team!