Fun Scavenger Hunt Team Building Activity – Scavquest

When you are trying to choose a team building exercise that has the element of fun and enthralling for your employees, the Physical Activity Scavenger Hunt can not only create laughter and good times, but shows real strengths in co-workers. scavenger hunt team buildingTeam building exercises take on a whole new flavor as your company team can tour a few city blocks in search of clues discovering typical haunts and finding new discoveries both in the city and within each others skill. These corporate scavenger hunt team building exercises typically start by breaking attendees into equal sized groups. The gangs are all then given a list of questions to follow, and it’s off to the races, on foot, mass transit, taxis, or if you like to hunt in style, the luxury of a Limo. Teams decide where to go based on the clues that are given in a pun-like format.

 Scavenger Hunt Team Building provides the following

– Lubricate and ease communication among teams with a central goal in mind

– Emphasizes team member’s strengths; one who may know history of an area while another knows the quickest way to get to specific area of interest

– Recognize value in brainstorming and bouncing ideas between each other

– Understanding the value of time constraints and deadlines

Unique Team Building Activities

scavenger hunt team building activitiesThis is NOT your average scavenger hunt. During this team building activity, your group will be challenged to find both ordinary and obscure items, and you’ll also be encouraged to conduct small skits while on the search.Generally speaking, the Scavquest – scavenger hunt team building activity takes place outdoors where you can uncover unique clues.Examples would be a city block with old architecture, fountains, structures, elaborate outdoor gardens or parks, or even museums. Each team uses their individual strengths and cooperation skills to finish the hunt first.This is a great activity to learn the values of teamwork, as things can get quite competitive while on the hunt!