Selloutions Sales Training

sales successToday’s sales process and approach has changed dramatically. Today’s Sales Process is based upon partnering with the customer in order to solve a problem or come up with a solution that will increase the bottom line in some way shape or form. Selloutions is a Solution Sales Training Program that does more than just teach individuals how to sell – which is sometimes misconstrued and practiced as a one way process. Selloutions teaches sales professionals that adopting a collaborative selling approach, designed to identify the customer’s pains and problems, allows the sales professional to work together with the prospect to solve the issue that is preventing the prospect from achieving their profit margins and attaining growth goals. The end result of this Solution Sales Training is a continued and successful relationship with businesses.


As Solution Sales Consultants, this is how we help make sales professionals successful


Our Solution Sales Workshop teaches and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • How to identify and locate valid sales prospects
  • Time management strategies to help reduce obstacles that inhibit the day to day sales process
  • Learning how to quickly recognize and deal effectively with different personalities
  • Learning the proper way to trail close and create ownership
  • How to negotiate properly and leave little on the table
  • Customer contact skills – learning which ones are effective

Leaders Speakers uses its Solution Sales Training Seminar and in class interaction, role play and presentations by the individuals as a reinforcement so that participants will have true “hands on training experience”.