In search for Corporate Team Building Ideas? Finding the right team building activities to do a corporate team builder can be a daunting task. If you have experienced the usual activities, then look no further. Teaming up for Arts Sake is one of the most rewarding corporate team building exercises and one of the most unique of the team building activities. Clients are demanding and want team building activities that are fresh, and something impactful that accomplishes a myriad of requirements. Teaming Up for Arts Sake, one of our most unique charity team building exercises, is typically a two-hour group collaboration to complete six-panel pieces of artwork that are donated to brighten a healthcare facility. Teams partner together to create a beautiful and colorful mural-like painting that will uplift the spirits of thousands of patients, families, and medical staffs.

A Charity Team Building Activity that Will  Exercise Creativity and Passion

  • Teams bond and build relationships for approximately two hours
  • Painting is relaxing after a long day of stressful meetings
  • The sponsor is recognized on every painting that is donated
  • The art is donated by The Foundation For Hospital of Art to local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes & schools

A Successful Team Building Event

Is one that provides your group with unique Team Building Activities that that have a long lasting effect.The best question to ask your audience at the end of the team building event is whether or not they would want to do this type of team building event again. Every person involved in Teaming Up for Arts Sake always culminates in a resounding “yes”. The participants have a “pride of ownership” in knowing that their hands will make a lasting difference in the lives of hospital patients around the world and in their local community.