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Leaders Speakers is a public speaking coaching service, created to serve on all developmental scales. You can be someone who's seeking to refine their overall verbal confidence or the leader of a company who desires their staff to become more effective speakers; no matter the circumstance, we are prepared to help evolve the way you communicate. We have documented success with various clients and all who've enlisted within our coaching have attested to experiencing the transformation of a lifetime.

"There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience" - Alexander Gregg


“Thank you for helping me! I want to thank you for your Public Speaking Nervousness Page. I’m going to be participating in a unique public speaking event in the next couple of months, and since it requires a different skill set than I usually use, I needed to brush up, which is how I ran into your Leaders Speakers page. Your public speaking training advice was a help – thanks!” 


“I was seeking executive presentation skills to manage nervousness and I had many years of experience in conducting presentations. I found Leaders Speakers for executive presentation skills training, after training I felt much more at ease and had the presentation skills to manage how I felt to the point that I actually enjoyed participating! As testament to the effectiveness of this public speaking coaching, after a team presentation to one of our major clients, the president of our division said I was the best presenter in the room! Highly recommend Leaders Speakers to anyone who is wanting to their best presentation style and managing nervousness.”


“I enjoyed working with Leaders Speakers on public speaking. They willingly came to our office and were flexible with scheduling to allow for intensive public speaking training in a short period of time. They helped provide multiple examples of how to improve and prepare for public speaking engagements and there’s no question they improved my abilities as a speaker. I believe you’ll enjoy working with them”.


“Thank you for all your public speaking training and patience with me. I enjoyed the class and took a lot from it. The great success of our class is a tribute to you!”

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