Is your fear of public speaking keeping you from getting ahead? Have you just received a promotion and now need to present often? Do you want desperately to be able to command an audience?

Public Speaking Classes and Sales Training - serving companies and individuals that produce immediate and long lasting results..

Let us show you how it's done.

Learn how to increase your closing rate by 10 - 20% or better. Leaders Speakers has experience in leading hundreds of  speaking seminars and will pass their expertise on to you. We know what it takes to not only capture an audience but to deliver successful messages in order to persuade or influence the audience. Our professional presentation programs will give you the confidence you need to lead your next seminar presentation or conference presentation. Crucial Things You Need  Know About Your Audience To Sell Them What is their sole purpose for attending? Why having a good "hook" is imperative at the beginning of the presentation How do you build trust with the audience How to "sell" without coming off like a salesman Engaging the audience to establish rapport for connection Some of the areas that we focus on include; Body Language Psychology and how your Gestures and vocal variety comprise 93% of your presentation. Where to be positioned at the front of the room to be effective How to ratchet up Your Public Speaking Skills to address larger audiences Crafting a successful public speaking presentation or message to reach and close your audience How to effectively gain audience "buy in" Selling your audience and not sounding "salesy" Understand the Event Audience. Before you even submit to speak or accept a request, be sure to understand the event audience. ... Consider how to handle Q and A prior to the public speaking event How to make sure you message is understood by the audience How to develop and deliver successful presentations.

Some of our Clients include

“I enjoyed working with Leaders Speakers on public speaking. They willingly came to our office and were flexible with scheduling to allow for intensive public speaking training in a short period of time. They helped provide multiple examples of how to improve and prepare for public speaking engagements and there’s no question they improved my abilities as a speaker. I believe you’ll enjoy working with them”.

Gary S.
Tournament Director
Wells Fargo Championship
“Thank you for helping me! I want to thank you for your Public Speaking Nervousness Page. I’m going to be participating in a unique public speaking event in the next couple of months, and since it requires a different skill set than I usually use, I needed to brush up, which is how I ran into your Leaders Speakers page. Your public speaking training advice was a help – thanks!” 

Tiffany P.

“I was seeking executive presentation skills to manage nervousness and I had many years of experience in conducting presentations. I found Leaders Speakers for executive presentation skills. After the training I spoke at one our large conferences and the president of our division said I was the best presenter in the room! Highly recommend Leaders Speakers to anyone who is wanting to their best presentation style and managing nervousness.”

Ilene R.
Director of Business Development
Merge Healthcare, an IBM Company

“Thank you for all your public speaking training and patience with me. I enjoyed the class and took a lot from it. The great success of our class is a tribute to you!”

Tricia P.
Sr. Marketing Specialist
OBTM & Contracts
“I enlisted in Steve’s class because I needed a refresh in my public speaking skills. Being a YouTuber and an entrepreneur, that skill is highly necessary. I must say, I did not leave the class the same way I came and I noticed an immediate difference in the caliber of my speech delivery!”

Robert H.

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