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Our reputation proceeds itself when it comes to helping individuals conquer their public speaking challenges.We make it easier and more affordable to get the necessary skills you need to give successful presentations.We offer a comprehensive program that includes eliminating the public speaking fear and show you how to organize your thoughts for so that you feel more at ease when delivering your presentations.

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Public Speaking

What a great time and great event. Everybody bragged about what an awesome time they had and told others what they’d missed.

Thanks again for partnering with us to make the day so successful and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Vice President for Business and Finance/CFO

Public Speaking Workshops

Thank you for all your training and patience with me. I enjoyed the class and took a lot from it. I have all my materials sitting right next to me at my desk already to take on my presentation when it comes up… nervousness and all!

The great success of our class is a tribute to you!

Sr Marketing Specialist, OBTM & Contracts

Public Speaking Workshops

I was seeking executive presentation skills to manage nervousness and tension. I had many years of experience in conducting presentations (i.e. large groups, small groups, facilitator, focus groups, department chair person, executive committees, etc.)– except, I had not participated in international conferences or trade conferences, and the idea of it made me so nervous that I had not accepted invitations to participate. This year, I had decided it was time to break from this. I met Steven Stasczak for one-on-one full-day coaching on executive presentation skills. After this session with him, I felt much more at ease and had the skills to manage how I felt to the point that I actually enjoyed participating! As testament to the effectiveness of his coaching, after a team presentation to one of our major clients, the president of our division said I was the best presenter in the room! He said I looked comfortable presenting, showed passion, and was very effective in engaging others. Receiving this unsolicited feedback was well-worth the investment. I highly recommend Steven to anyone who has the commitment to finding their best presentation style and managing nervousness.

Director, Data Strategy and Business Development

Public Speaking Training Programs that Actually Work for You

Finding a public speaking training company that will satisfy your needs can be a chore.How many times have you been through a company training session provided by an outside source only to find that a after a few days you find yourself forgetting…
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How to Conquer the Art of Giving a Great Presentation

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Overcome the common fear of trouble speaking up at work

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Leading a meeting or presenting a deck are common workplace practices, but for some people, it is incredibly difficult to speak up at work. This public speaking fear happens for a variety of reasons. “Shy people, for example, are reluctant…

Why You Need More Than Confidence If You Want To Be Truly Successful

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Confidence is the assuredness you have in your abilities to perform a task successfully. Confidence helps you win competitions, master new skills or become a company big shot. Confidence is a great ability to develop or to have but it is one…
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Why Do So Many Companies Discount Their Training Needs?

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Most companies that  have considered training for their business are divided into two schools of thought, some say that they have good experience with  training companies and some  have not.I have talked to so many people who work in large…
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Sales Training Equals Success for Your Company’s Bottom Line

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As a Public Speaker, Can You Hold Your Audience’s Attention ?

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Even if you consider yourself a confident public speaker, one that has no problem speaking in front of an audience or group the question is can you truly reach them?  Many public speakers or presenters can get up in front of an audience and…
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Why it is Very Important for Managers to be Good at Public Presentation

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Some portion of the principle errand of a director is to pass data to his/her staff, bosses, business accomplices, investors or general society. Data is control and for an association has an effect regarding disappointment and achievement. One…
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How Do You Estimate Your Professional Image In Today’s World?

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Each moment of consistently you should live with the professional image of yourself. Some of those minutes are gone through communicating with others. A significant number of those minutes are gone through with yourself. Which is your better…

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