Why Building Rapport with your Audience is Crucial to Your Presentation

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What Makes a Good Story

How many people like a good story? Stories can be entertaining and give us a little break in the midst of a presentation. effective ppresentation skillsThey are generally woven through speeches, presentations at certain points. Stories are used in any kind of public presentation, and presenters of all types use these stories strategically to engage their audiences in a manner so that they will remember their pitch long after they leave the room. I remember attending a seminar and the speaker kept integrating stories into the presentation, but the magic here was that each story had an element that I either experienced myself or something closely related to an experience that I had and he used them precisely to illustrate his points.

Key Elements to Building Rapport with Clients

Stories have elements in them that build rapport with the audience so that the individuals can relate parts or the entire story to their life or someone that they know. Building rapport can also establish emotional connections with your audience. As I mentioned, a good presenter will use stories at the right point in their presentation to be successful with their presentation. Here are some rapport building techniques for example; if you are trying to convince your neighborhood to form a community watch group during your next neighborhood association meeting you will probably site an instance when you may have been robbed or vandalized, and your audience will be able to relate to your experience being that they may have been a victim of burglary or had damage to their property by vandals or maybe even heard of a case that happened to someone they know. In any event you will capture the audience’s attention as soon as their memory is triggered by related information. Another good example in a corporate situation would be presenting a new idea to upper management that you have come up with a new process or solution that will save them time and money but will require them to scrap the old system that has been working to their satisfaction for years. In this instance you will use an example of how you used and tested the new system and what the results were. What you are doing here is presenting compelling evidence in a story form to upper management so that they can relate the old process vs. the new process and what the positive outcome will be.

Adding stories to build rapport with your audience will ensure that they will take your message with them long after your presentation is over.



How to Give a Great Power Point Presentation

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Guidelines for an Effective Power Point Presentation

If you want to give a great power point presentation PPT articlethe first and foremost rule is “more is less”. What do we mean by the simple statement more is less? Have you ever been through a power point presentation and the speaker has so much on their slides that that you have found yourself distracted from the presenter themselves? or found that the presenter reads from the slides taking valuable authenticity away from the presentation. The rule of thumb is no more than six lines six words per line and that’s stretching it, no pun intended. That will give your audience a guideline to follow and yet keep their focus on the content that you are delivering.

How to Design a Great Power Point Presentation

A few other tips to giving an effective power point presentation are using a power point scheme that has a dark background and light type. This makes is a whole lot easier for the audience to see. You will also want to omit cute little images or animations around the borders of the slides, you may think that this will add to your power point presentation but again will provide distraction to the audience. Keep in mind that when revealing your bullet points to the audience that you will need to do so one at a time otherwise your audience will start reading ahead of you and will get off track. Too many colors and fancy borders are a “no no” when you are designing the power point presentation, once again another distraction to the audience.

Remember these key power point tips;

1.Use no more than six lines with six words across

2.Reveal bullet points one at a time otherwise your audience can get distracted

3.Do not use animation of pictures that may distract the audience

4.Use light type on a dark background – easier to read


 Reaching Your Audience

If you are wanting to help your audience to visualize some of your points better and you do not think that your slides will get the point across, you can always use some visual aids or props to demonstrate a point or model. Another way to simplify or relate a concept or idea to an audience is using an analogy. Analogies are a perfect way to relate an idea to your audience. It is also permissible to use stories or anecdotes when you are looking to build rapport with your audience. A Good story or anecdote will add another dimension to the power point presentation and captivate your audience

The trick to giving a winning power point presentation is making it easy to follow with great impact so the audience will remember long after the presentation is over.


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Team Building through Corporate Hospitality Packages

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By Abby’s Articles

Team building activities

have proven time and again as effective tools for increasing productivity in any enterprise’s workforce. In recent years, team building packages have grown to be more sophisticated and fun thanks to the rise of new and creative ideas.

Needless to say, corporate team building packages are also making a major comeback to the market as more enterprises seek new ways to raise their productivity levels. The wide range of activities and elective incentives has not only strengthened the relationship between staff members but also has been able to improve customer loyalty when clients are invited to major events to get to know the staff on a personal level.

Even though giving out a free day off the regular daily work environment for team building can be highly beneficial to an enterprise, it is important to note that the success of the exercise will be determined by the expertise of the organizer and to a large extent, his imagination and creativity. It is therefore highly advised that as a business owner or the person/group in charge of organizing the team building exercise, one should take advantage of corporate hospitality packages from a reputable corporate hospitality company will the sole intent of making the function a success. This not only saves the time and effort of making complicated arrangements but it also places your goals in the hands of true professionals that can ensure the best outcome.

By having a good corporate hospitality company organizing a team building event, a lot of professional and expert partners are called upon in order to provide insightful and fresh ideas which are able to provide a fresh approach to both team building and entertainment. A good hospitality company will sit down with a representative of the business and relevant stakeholders such as event companies and come up with the aims and objectives the exercise wishes to achieve that particular day and the various activities that would help in achieving the set goals. This is important as different companies have different reasons as to why they want a team building exercise e.g.new art banner it can be as a reward or incentive or can be as a way to target specific team development areas. Additionally, it can be used to achieve a mixed agenda of employee and client relationship building.

 Before deciding on the activities of the day, it is important that the company discloses certain key information to the hospitality company which will be able to help them identify the best team building package that will suit the needs of the enterprise. The hospitality company will want to know the number of people that will attend the event, the duration of the event and most importantly the overall budget intended. If the hospitality company is flexible and renowned expert in their field, they will be able to work with the budget put forth by recommending the most appropriate activities that can accommodate the said budget.

Team building packages

usually consist of a wide selection of activities which may include: mental and physical challenges such as cross country races; corporate fun days; sports day-out e.g. taking the team to major games such the rugby championship, QIPCO Guineas Festival ,Wimbledon Championship; general team bonding; conferencing; dancing events; activity days just to mention a few. An experienced hospitality company will have many different options and access to many different major events.

So what objective have you set up? Are you looking for an activity that can handle a small group or a larger front? Perhaps you only need an event that will last for a few hours or a whole weekend. Which package is right and suitable for the business? These are all queries that should linger in your mind and which at the end of the day should effectively be communicated to the hospitality company in order for them to have a clear picture of what exactly is expected of the team building exercise.