Learn How to Move Your Audience To Action !

public speaking success


Many people have to speak in public for professional conferences, classes, business meetings or special occasions — but few people have mastered the art of public speaking at an advanced level. Our advanced public speaking training is for those that are already proficient at public speaking and are looking utilize and master the art of persuasion successfully. The main objective is to be able to captivate your audience then move them to action!

Effective speakers are able to connect with their audience because of their authenticity. Authentic speakers are not trying to sell you something they don’t believe in or imbibe in their spirit. Rather, they genuinely believe what they are saying is true and want to share it with others. This personal integrity will establish your credibility as a speaker and help you connect with your audience.

What does this 2 day training offer?  Here are just a few of the crucial areas that we cover..

1. Opportunity to learn, practice and deliver effective content that will motivate your audience to action.

2. How to gain audience buy in

3. How to “Sell” without noticeably “Selling ” Your audience.

4. How to close with offering the audience improvements or benefits for their current situation

5. How To design effective power point presentations

6. How to develop compelling stories to influence an individual or a group to embrace a particular value