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Recent public speaking training workshop 4/6 – 4/7 2022 – Value Momentum – Synopsis

Facilitated the public speaking skills workshop to empower 5 individuals responsible for selling IT solutions. The company is an insurance-focused IT services and solutions firm, has helped over 75 insurers transform, digitize, and grow their business which include insurers across tiers, including 10 of the top 25 property and casualty carriers.

The workshop starts out with an introduction to public speaking skills with an exercise to learn an elevator pitch which is a short presentation of an individual’s product which is him or herself and what their expertise is. The individuals were successful in grasping the concept and application, the success of this exercise set the tone for the rest of the training.

The next area covered was a memory exercise that helps the participants be able to remember what they may ordinarily what they may forget while performing a presentation as most people are prone to. This is of course is very detrimental when giving a presentation. Once again the exercise was a success as the participants learned and were tested to prove that the formula/exercise helped them increase their memory potential.

The participants were then ready to move on to a more advanced area where they learn the value of stories and how they play a major role in building rapport and selling the audience. In this section they were tasked to recount a story and use the following components for validity – they are also timed in this and subsequent exercises as to get a feel for the time they spend on delivering a presentation. The participants recited and were coached through their presentations as to tune up their skills. After their presentations and coaching they understood what kind of impact that stories have in reaching and engaging the audience.

The next area of progression was getting the understanding the power of persuasion by learning the proper framework for an effective presentation. The consisted of teaching the participants a formula of learning how incidence, action, benefit sells the audience. They learned “story” in the previous section and would apply it to the incidence, the action is the direction you want the audience to take and they learned that the benefit is the concession the audience will receive. The participants learned, practiced and performed this exercise until thoroughly understanding the concept and value. All exercises are progressive and build upon the prior.

The participants were now ready to learn to develop a skeleton of a presentation that would be built upon to later form and deliver their final 6 minute presentation. In this phase the participants learned the 3 components of a presentation – The title, body and the closing. The title of the presentation is a ‘solution” for the audience, the body is the context of the presentation and the closing is reviewing and proving the solution to gain audience buy-in.

The next area of discipline is actually coming up with the ‘saleable” title or which is carefully crafted to offer a solution to the audience. Once that was understood and created by the participants they would create 3 or 4 important points to illustrate or support their title. They performed this successfully and coaching and understanding how each point would support their “solution” The stories they learned earlier in the workshop would be used as a substantial proof to back up each of their points. They would then learn how to close out the presentation by reviewing each point and tying it back to the solution.

Before crafting their final 6 minute presentation they learned the importance of body language and vocal variety and how it comprised 93% of a presentation. They performed various exercises that demonstrated to the participants how detrimental their body language and vocal variety was to the success of their presentation.

The participants were shown that there were other forms of value that in addition to stories would further and in addition would substantiate each of their points in the body of the presentation. The participants were tasked to add these to their final presentation.

The last area covered before the participants were to perform their final 6 minute presentation was to understand how to properly construct and deliver a power point presentation. They were taught many tips and tricks to keep the attention of the audience with their power point design.

The last and final portion of the workshop was dedicated to crafting and then delivering their final presentation to demonstrate that learned how to successfully design and deliver an effective presentation. They were videoed and timed in their performance. The success rate was measured by their time, strength and delivery of their presentations. Their performances were on point and showed that they learned how to construct and deliver their presentations with confidence and effectiveness.

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