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Leadership Training solutions“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” –Tom Peters

Our performance coaching programs are designed to help strengthen your management teams’ leadership skills by re-establishing effective communication skills.  At Leaders Speakers, we have devised a few Management Training Workshops that will help your team get back on track and produce some fresh leadership skills in the process. Our workshops are generally set up as two day workshops, but can easily be customized to suit your specific needs.

*Our workshops work because they are interactive to make the information impressive and memorable since people learn best by doing – not just by hearing someone lecture all day.

We offer the following Leadership Skills workshops:

1. Effective Leadership Training – This Leadership Training Seminar can be a one or two day focus that concentrates on developing skills that help participants become stronger, more confident leaders and managers. Skills focused on in this program include public speaking, listening and communicating, people skills and how to motivate others, memory, problem-solving, meeting skills, and the ability to develop more leaders within the organization.

Areas of interest covered below and are not limited to:

  • Communicate in a Clear & Concise Way.
  • How to Lead More Impactful Meetings.
  • Team Problem Solving – Gaining Consensus.
  • How to Deal with Difficult People.
  • Conflict Resolution

2. Cultivating a Team Environment If you are seeking to build stronger company morale and strengthen valuable leadership skills within the workplace, efficient trust and communication within your team is critical. Our “Cultivating a Team Environment” workshop is designed to help embed these characteristics into your group to create better teamwork. This workshop can expose strengths and weaknesses that can be remedied in this leadership skills workshop.

Our workshop entails the following;

  • What Makes A Good Team
  • Trust And Respect Building
  • Listening And Communication
  • Working With Difficult People
  • Process To Persuade Quickly
  • Improving Your Memory Quickly
  • Problem Solving Made Easy
  • Working With Different Personality Temperaments
  • And More!


3. Time Management –  Refers to managing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right goals.

  • Effective time management allows you to assign specific time periods to the activities in order of their importance.
  • Time Management refers to making the best use of time being that they are only so many working hours in a day
  • You need to know which activity is more important and how much time should be allocated to each task. You need to know which tasks should be done in what priority.
  • Time management Training plays a very important role not only in organizations but also in our personal lives as well. If time is not managed properly in either place it can affect the other.

How to Develop Time Management Strategies –  We show you, through our Time Management Training Workshops, how to plan your day well in advance with our very effective Time Management Techniques.  We also show you how to prepare a Task Plan, and how to organize priority activities that need to be done that day… against the time that needs to be allocated to each activity. We show you how to keep on track and AVOID the distractions that keep individuals from accomplishing their daily goals. Setting Goals and Objectives is important. Working without effective time management goals and targets does not establish a “tangible” plan for what you want to accomplish. Some people think they may even have it all in their head, but without an established plan you will go off course and fail to achieve your objectives.


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