Presentation Skills Training

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Professional Presentation Skills Workshop and Why Does it Work?The Workshop consists of 10 sections in which the participants are constantly involved where they learn, practice and deliver. We will teach you public speaking techniques that will help you overcome public speaking anxiety. We will enlighten you with public speaking tips that will help you feel more confident and prepared to perform a presentation.You will learn how to write a speech quickly and efficiently when you’re short on preparation time. At the end of the workshop you’ll be amazed at your confidence and ability to deliver and effective and confident presentations –  Results that will last a lifetime ! $779 person.

  • How to give speeches and presentations without notes
  • Eliminating your fear and apprehensions in front of your audiences
  • How the use of stories captivates and persuades audiences
  • How to recover from broken speeches
  • How to design convincing presentations
  • Delivering effective power point presentations

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Members of our classes range from various industries, ages, and walks of life. Each participant that attends is here to learn the secrets to being more proficient with their public speaking skills. Many companies are requiring their employees to give presentations more frequently and people who demonstrate a better command of public speaking skills earn a higher salary.At Leaders Speakers, we use a combination of knowledge, practice, and coaching in the workshop as a method to fortify and instill confidence in the participant rather than just a  lecture session.

“I enjoyed the class, even though I was nervous. What you taught helped me work through that fear. And the ‘classmates’ were a great group!”

 Sabine K

Take a look at what some of our past participants had to say about our presentation skills seminars:

“I was seeking executive presentation skills to manage nervousness and tension. I had many years of experience in conducting presentations (i.e. large groups, small groups, facilitator, focus groups, department chair person, executive committees, etc.)– except, I had not participated in international conferences or trade conferences, and the idea of it made me so nervous that I had not accepted invitations to participate. This year, I had decided it was time to break from this. I met Steven Stasczak for one-on-one full-day coaching on executive presentation skills. After this session with him, I felt much more at ease and had the skills to manage how I felt to the point that I actually enjoyed participating! As testament to the effectiveness of his coaching, after a team presentation to one of our major clients, the president of our division said I was the best presenter in the room! He said I looked comfortable presenting, showed passion, and was very effective in engaging others. Receiving this unsolicited feedback was well-worth the investment. I highly recommend Steven to anyone who has the commitment to finding their best presentation style and managing nervousness.

Best of luck!”

Director of Business Development

Merge Healthcare, an IBM Company

“Thank you for the time you spent with us. I learned a lot and have already started using the techniques.”  -Ronny Dodd
Team Leader Web Support Analyst

“Thank you for all your training and patience with me. I enjoyed the class and took a lot from it.  The great success of our class is a tribute to you!”

– Tricia P

Sr Marketing Specialist, OBTM & Contracts

“I really enjoyed the class. It was very informative and I trust it will prove helpful for me as I use what I learned in my career. Thanks!”
Thomas S”

Thanks Steve….The class was very helpful! Lori A. Hood | Loan & Grant Analyst* Prices for in-house workshops are determined by group size.
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