Become a better public speaker in all aspects with our hands on two day training class that will last you a lifetime

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I enjoyed the class, even though I was nervous. What you taught 

helped me work through that fear. And the ‘classmates’ were a great group!

 -Sabine K

“I enjoyed working with Steve on public speaking.  He willingly came to our office and was flexible with scheduling to allow for intensive training in a short period of time.  He helped provide multiple examples of how to improve and prepare for public speaking engagements and there’s no question he improved my abilities as a speaker.  I believe you’ll enjoy working with him”.

Tournament Director
Wells Fargo Champoinship

Whether you are an individual or a Corporation looking for public speaking training course , we offer the ultimate professional Public Speaking Classes and this workshop is just for you.  We put on Public Speaking training all over the country.  We’ll have you speaking like an expert in no time.  Our Master Presentations Corporate training classes can be given at your office location for your groups and we can create customs public speaking workshops as well. Our public speaking classes teach individuals public speaking techniques and how to become more confident and poised when getting up in front of a group to speak.  It’s no secret that most people, regardless of their position or status, have to deal with Public Speaking Anxiety.

This workshop is designed and held in an environment that gives participants the confidence to speak publicly, and learn to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking. Our progressive method of “learning and practice method” of teaching has proven to help you develop effective presentation skills. You will learn that by developing just the right public speaking skills, you will be able to build rapport with the audience that will help you gain buy in to your presentation. You will also learn the secrets to be able to command attention from different personality types. Learning valuable Public Speaking Tips is part of the curriculum and will help you be prepared and more confident going into a presentation.  If you are looking for public speaking classes, we can accommodate in your location. We have performed public presentation training for companies all around the country.  Let Leaders Speakers customize in-house public speaking training for your company.