The Secret to Giving an Effective Presentation with PowerPoint

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Most people have a fear of speaking in public, but when tasked to give an effective presentation by power point they feel a little more at ease. The reason is that they now have the information they are going to present at hand. This can be a double edge sword because the presenter in this scenario will end up using the slides as a crutch and may actually fail as a true presenter.

Giving an effective Power Point presentation involves much more than just showing and telling with slides. Most people will have a canned power point with all sorts of information on the slides then merely present the slides in a progressive manner like they would their slide show form last summers’ vacation. First of all to come off with an effective presentation you need to understand that you the speaker is the focal point of the presentation. Your audience should have their attention on you as a speaker and the slides are just supplemental.  Secondly to be successful and have the right impact on the audience Power Point starts with the actual design so that the audience will not be reading the slides instead of looking at the presenter. For example; Slides should have a dark background and light type which is the protocol these days, this makes the slides easy to see and follow.

 Here are some further points and rules to follow for an effective presentation:

  1. There should be no more than six words across with only six lines of copy or words.
  2. You should not have any animation as it will distract the audience especially if the presentation is a little dry.
  3. Pictures or illustrations only if necessary. Logos should be placed at very bottom corner.
  4. Limit your colors to three only! Red for impact, Blue and Green for positive
  5. Use clear concise copy w/ bullets instead of long sentences
  6. Narrow your points to three or a maximum of 5 at the most
  7. Reveal each point one by one as to not have the audience read ahead.

The mission of giving a successful Power Point presentation only to use your slides as an aid NOT as the presentation itself. You should know your material very well before your presentation so that your slides will only serve as a marquee for the audience as to what is coming up next. Your slides can also help you get back on track or remember where you are going in case you lose your thoughts. You come off as authentic and genuine to your audience when you are less dependent on your slides.  If you can understand that giving a Power Point requires a unique blend of discipline whereas you the presenter are the focal point and the slides are merely an appendage you will be able to give an extremely effective presentation.

Body Language Affects Your Public Speaking Presentation

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How to Give a Great Power Point Presentation

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Guidelines for an Effective Power Point Presentation

If you want to give a great power point presentation PPT articlethe first and foremost rule is “more is less”. What do we mean by the simple statement more is less? Have you ever been through a power point presentation and the speaker has so much on their slides that that you have found yourself distracted from the presenter themselves? or found that the presenter reads from the slides taking valuable authenticity away from the presentation. The rule of thumb is no more than six lines six words per line and that’s stretching it, no pun intended. That will give your audience a guideline to follow and yet keep their focus on the content that you are delivering.

How to Design a Great Power Point Presentation

A few other tips to giving an effective power point presentation are using a power point scheme that has a dark background and light type. This makes is a whole lot easier for the audience to see. You will also want to omit cute little images or animations around the borders of the slides, you may think that this will add to your power point presentation but again will provide distraction to the audience. Keep in mind that when revealing your bullet points to the audience that you will need to do so one at a time otherwise your audience will start reading ahead of you and will get off track. Too many colors and fancy borders are a “no no” when you are designing the power point presentation, once again another distraction to the audience.

Remember these key power point tips;

1.Use no more than six lines with six words across

2.Reveal bullet points one at a time otherwise your audience can get distracted

3.Do not use animation of pictures that may distract the audience

4.Use light type on a dark background – easier to read


 Reaching Your Audience

If you are wanting to help your audience to visualize some of your points better and you do not think that your slides will get the point across, you can always use some visual aids or props to demonstrate a point or model. Another way to simplify or relate a concept or idea to an audience is using an analogy. Analogies are a perfect way to relate an idea to your audience. It is also permissible to use stories or anecdotes when you are looking to build rapport with your audience. A Good story or anecdote will add another dimension to the power point presentation and captivate your audience

The trick to giving a winning power point presentation is making it easy to follow with great impact so the audience will remember long after the presentation is over.


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