How to Increase Cooperation with Team Building Activities for Work

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Team building activities for work are overlooked as a way to improve cooperation among employees just as a you don’t think your car is due for a tune up even though you notice that you are not getting the performance you once got. Most companies think that somehow issues of cooperation and communication among their employees will magically realign and performance will somehow improve.

Team building activities for work are a very small investment and can little time to schedule and arrange, plus most team building take care of everything so the hard part is out of your hands. Team building the for workplace can and will improve any issues that your department may be suffering from and a sound team building program will engage your employees in fun team building activities. The Team building activities for work are specifically designed for employees to participate in activities that actually reconstruct any broken issues of communication and cooperation. It is almost magical to watch the interactions that occur between individuals that almost looks like they are actually remembering what they may have forgotten and actually are enjoying the reunion of reconnecting with the basic skills that they first learned.

Many team building activities for work are held at one location and include employees located in various parts of the country so they rarely get to work together. This is a great opportunity to get everybody synced up and on the same page through the team building exercises where they not only get to discover each other’s personalities but work processes as well. A characteristic measure of kinship will in all probability create between individuals who communicate with each other consistently, especially the individuals who sit alongside or close to each other, yet individuals at marginally additionally reaches of the association are some of the time left with a faceless impression of each other, in some cases bringing about an unjustified enmity. Group Building Exercises are thus basically intended to enable individuals to become acquainted with each other in a casual and casual condition who generally would not be given the chance to meet each other outside of an expert circumstance. Any bonds made amid the day can expand the co-operation between co-workers on an association wide level and along these lines positively affect the cooperation proficiency of the association.

In  summary, team building activities for work should be a major consideration for any company on a periodic basis to ensure that work productivity does not get to the point where companies find their departments in disarray. It’s much easier to have employees engage in team building activities for work to make them appreciate your company and their fellow employees.

Corporate Team Building Companies NC – Create a Good Team Culture

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A Good Team Culture is Essential Success in the Workplace

The energy of a good team culture is to a great degree powerful on the execution of our Customer Service Team and the nature of Service we convey to our Customers. Group Culture is the most vital influencer. In Customer Service, our objective is that each of our Customers will get amazing Customer Service and an ordeal of us that will surpass their desires on every last call to our Organization. Every guest will have a vital affair that will urge him or her to return and to purchase more.  To accomplish this objective, we utilize great enlisted people, prepare them well and pay a reasonable wage. Will this, at that point, guarantee this new Team Member will one day be equipped for conveying astounding Customer Service? A superior inquiry may be, will the new Team Member even need to TRY to accomplish an effective result for us and for our Customers?

The Power of a Good Team Culture

The response to this depends to a little degree on the individual themselves. It depends to a whole lot bigger degree on the idea of the Team in to which they are set – the Team Culture of that particular gathering. Inside days of preparing, the gathering will be impacting this new individual’s reasoning. They will discuss their part and their Customers in a way that mirrors the convictions and estimations of their particular gathering. ‘These Customers are largely moronic – they never listen appropriately’. ‘Client’s are continually pointing the finger at us, and it’s not our blame’. ‘Our items are bad and that is the reason Customers are constantly disturbed.’

Each of these announcements mirrors a different sort of a good team culture. Each Culture is identifiable and the general population inside that a good team culture will carry on typically with their Customers – the Culture will decide the conduct. In the cases over, each gathering will carry on in a way that will NOT prompt a positive Customer Service understanding. For instance, a Team that trusts that they are the specialists and that they are over these truly idiotic Customers will be forceful and eager with their guests. They won’t make difference abilities with their Customers and they will be impervious to any preparation. This Aggressive Team trusts that they are not the issue, the Customers are the issue!

Other easygoing explanations made by Team Members will rapidly distinguish the Submissive Team Culture and the Passive Aggressive Team Culture. The intriguing thing about Team Culture is that it is so compelling. Newcomers rapidly trust that the Team’s comprehension of the world is valid and ‘sound judgment’. They embrace the convictions and demeanors that help that particular Team Culture and this drives the standards of conduct inside the Team – what is Ok to do or not do inside this gathering. On the off chance that we need to change the Team execution – we have to change the BELIEFS.

The Beliefs of a Successful Customer Service Produce a Good Team Culture

A high performing Customer Service Team has an exceptionally identifiable Team culture – the Assertive, Customer Focused Culture. They have an arrangement of convictions; states of mind and a standard of conduct that ENABLES them to perform outstandingly well with their Customers and inspire them to ceaselessly move forward. Keep in mind a good team culture originates from the common convictions of the Team. We accomplish this Assertive, Customer Focused Culture by distinguishing the coveted convictions, and by always building and supporting these convictions inside our Team Culture.

It is conceivable to change the way of life of a Company or basically your own particular Team. We change the way we do things through with team building activities. The team building activities will foster the following convictions

  1. This is a GOOD Company – worth working for.
  2. What we do as a Company is of VALUE to our clients. (Counting Exceeding Expectations)
  3. Our Customers are critical. Outside are generally imperative. Interior are clients as well.
  4. We are ALL piece of this Company – associated with a common reason.
  5. Our Team Purpose is essential – we have a key commitment to make to our Shared Purpose.
  6. My work has esteem – I have any kind of effect – what I do is vital to the accomplishment of our Team Shared Purpose.
  7. Each Team Member has a place with this Team. Each has duty to accomplish, to meet Team Leader desires. Each has obligation to oversee and surpass Customer desires.
  8. Achievement is great – accomplishment is great.
  9. To succeed we should show signs of improvement and better – as people and as a high performing Team.
  10. We are a decent Team – and one month from now/year we will be a BETTER Team.

These convictions are the way to achievement in Customer Service. On the off chance that you are on a Management Team, urge your Managers to chip away at enhancing one conviction for each month. Utilize a similar technique on the off chance that you are a Team Leader. Get the Team required by conceptualizing HOW we can enhance every conviction. You will soon receive the rewards as far as better execution, expanded inspiration and enhanced occupation fulfillment.

How to Find a Good Professional Team Builder

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Utilizing a professional team builder to help manage your team and bring everyone on the same page can be an excellent way to boost morale, focus on the task at hand and get everyone working together. Finding the right professional motivational speaker doesn’t have to be a mind game of searches online. If you live in the Charlotte NC area all the way up to Washington DC, Leaders Speakers helps with public speaking and presentations, team building and time management skills. Whether it’s personal or business, Leaders Speakers is your key to gaining more business and helping your team succeed in the workplace. How to Find a Good Professional Team Builder

There is a difference between leadership and management: Management has been said is doing things right while leadership is doing the right things. They are quite different and if you are an employer you  may be looking for a manager instead of a leader or vice versa. Knowing the difference is the key to placing people where they belong and flourish.

Managers tend to have their focus on the bottom line while leaders look to the future and may not have all the micro pieces in place. Managers are usually good at small tasks and keeping the existing goal the same while leaders look into the future of the company or particular project and inspire those around them, boosting personal growth.

As an employee you may need help in identifying the leaders from the managers and making sure each has their specific role. This is where Leaders Speakers come in. We can help identify those in the field and place people where they can use their individual skills and talents to flourish the company and themselves. No one wants to be put in an environment that is out of their realm of knowledge or talent and even if they are pushed a little, if it’s not their gift, it’s just not their gift.

If you are looking for a great team building and employer/employee management course, contact Leaders Speakers. With excellent training, skills, experience and courses, we can help get your team where they need to be – striving for the common goal and excellence in their field.

Give us a call today to learn more and if you qualify for our summer special!

What Motivates You?


I’ve recently joined and accountability fitness group and not only do they want us to post pictures of ourselves after a workout or what we are eating but they also want a picture of what motivates us. That really got me thinking; what really motivates us? In life? Within our family? Or in the workplace?What Motivates You?

What is motivating you to get up every morning, get to work, do what you need to do and had home? Is it simply the fact that at the end of the day you’ll have a paycheck to show for it and be able to put food on the table? Is that all there really is that motivates you?

This really made me think a little bit deeper about what motivates me on a daily basis. Yes, it is partially the fear of failure or not accomplishing something that continues to drive me forward, but at what pace?

If you are a manager, team leader or an employer at your work, what motivates your employees? They need to feel motivated more than simply a paycheck at the end of the day. You don’t want them to put in the minimum amount of work just to get by; you want to encourage them, cheer them on and motivate them to do their very best, regardless of the figure on the paycheck at the end of the week or the month.

Motivation can come in a variety of different ways. The question “what motivates you?” Can be a tricky interview question from employers but it also is a key in knowing what really drives you forward, encouraging you to do your past.

It’s a question you do need to ask yourself when you get up in the morning and in the workplace. Personal motivation is the key to success in whatever we want to achieve in life. However, it can be a hard concept to explain.

Are you motivated by constant progress? New and exciting ideas that can facilitate themselves through actual, tangible results? Do you feel motivated when you find a challenge?

You see, everyone is different so what motivates them is going to be different. Perhaps it’s the dedication to go through school, get a degree and better your career in the hopes of a better life for your family. Perhaps it’s in the small things, each and every day, the drive to push forward with unique challenges that we know that we can accomplish because that challenges geared toward our skill set.

As a leader, it’s best to find out what motivates your team, what drives them forward and then encourage each individual person in that facet so that the team can work together as a whole for the common goal and a successful result.

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5 More Ways to Motivate Your Team

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team


5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Ahh, the science of team building. It’s an art, a gift, a down-right necessity when it comes to proper management. Here are 5 ways you can motivate your team to work harder, better and become more productive.

#1. Don’t neglect team building exercises.5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

If everyone continually sits at their desk working on their own project and there is no interaction, communication can get dropped and the end result could be disastrous. Never neglect teambuilding exercises because they do actually work. Even though you might get a few eye rolls, it’s best to have everyone stop what they’re doing, come together for teambuilding activities that they all have to work together with in order to get the job done together. These teambuilding exercises could be in the form of physical activities, volunteering together, sharing a meal together or small field trips. They don’t have to be an intricate game of twister or an offshoot of some drinking game.

#2. Communication.

Communication plays a critical role in developing a successful team. Different patterns of communication can be the most important predictor of a team’s success. Regardless of how the team members feel about each other, meaning they don’t need to be best friends in order to communicate, team member still need to overcome you can their needs, desires, and where they are in the project in order for the project to succeed.

#3. Brainstorm but not altogether.

Studies have shown that brainstorming in a cohesive group all at the same time can really just end up in a muddled mess. Instead change the term brainstorming into “electronic brain writing”. This means chatting through an online program, focusing on quality and combining the ideas produced by others in order to make a cohesive plan.

#4. Evaluate everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you have someone in the team that’s an analytical thinker, someone that the doer, someone visionary and the leader and a follower, it can help bring the entire team together to work as a team. However, you need to understand what everyone’s gifts are. You certainly wouldn’t want a follower in a leader’s position nor would you want a visionary in the doers position. Once you understand people’s strengths and their weaknesses you can put them to work honing their skill for the betterment of the team and the project.

#5. Value each person individually.

Just as we mentioned in the previous step, understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses and utilizing their guests will encourage them to work harder and better at what they do. It’s okay to have extroverts and introverts on one team and even though the extroverts might be outgoing and encouraged to open up, the introverts may have more deep-seated and processed thoughts and suggestions that can really drive the foundation of the project forward. Never give up on someone just because you don’t understand their skill set and gifting.

For more information feel free to browse my website or if you ready for an on-site team building project, class or seminar give me a call at any time.