Team Building for Workplace Success

Leaders Speakers specializes in high quality team building exercises to help for the purpose of team cooperation and  to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. Any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Companies that incorporate team building into their workplace routines and practices are successful companies.

How do we determine the best team building activity for your company to get the best performance out of your employees? We have certain team building activities that provide the necessary interactions and exercises that will address the areas of improvement in employee performance and cooperation you are looking to achieve. We will meet with you to determine a plan that will challenge and motivate your staff to help them realize the power of team cooperation. Below are some of our more popular team building activities.

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bicycle team building

Bike Building Team Exercises

This is a fun team building exercise in which the teams are lead through various exercises before they are assembled into groups of teams to complete a building of a bikes that are ultimately donated to a charity.

Mini Golf Team Building Challenge

This is another challenging event in which teams work together not only building obstacles for their competitors but to team together in a mini golf hole challenge to conquer complete each hole the quickest using their team abilities and cooperation. The food used to design each hole is donated to a charity.

Cultivating a Team Atmosphere

Looking to create effective and efficient teams within your organization? Leaders Speakers has the perfect team building exercise that will identify and cultivate team principles such as cooperation, listening skills, building trust and working with different personality temperamants.

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