Why Zoom Virtual Will Help You From Falling Behind in Today’s World

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When Zoom first appeared in the limelight as an another option for virtual communication I was just thinking that OK , another meeting option for teleconferencing. Little did I realize that Zoom’s features and capabilities would serve to be the mainstream mode for meetings , events , trainings and any other gathering that formerly could be done in person. Zoom’s capabilities offer one of the best virtual experiences for people to meet and conference.

 Being that I am in the motivational training business and cannot appear live on site I had to be an expert with Zoom to be able to hold any kind of training or speaking session. I found that Zoom has the wherewithal to be very efficient as an alternative to the real thing. Zoom offers virtual backgrounds to accentuate a professional setting simply by uploading images from sites that will let you download them into the Zoom app. Zoom also offers the ability to set up multiple meeting rooms which come in handy when you have break -out sessions. This is a great feature to use when you task the group to brainstorm or hold separate group meetings then report back to main meeting . You can also record your meetings for people that cannot attend or as a training module.

My experience with Zoom has gotten me to the point where I am now offering Zoom Training for companies that are looking to do more virtual meetings, trainings and presentations as well as one on one communications with their clients and medical patients, since most people have access to the Zoom application. I recently worked with a Director of Development and Marketing at a private high school who needed help with designing  a presentation to recruit prospective students into their program .Her job is to present the program to the families in hopes of netting  the parents of the prospective students to enroll in their preparatory program that is one of the best in the country. Zoom was the perfect tool to brainstorm and create an effective presentation in the two sessions that we had. The nice thing is that we could see each other just like we were in the same room. So if you are looking for a great way to accomplish your business needs during these times of limited association Zoom is definitely the answer.

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