Try These Common Sense Public Speaking Tips

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Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep handy when you’re just starting out in public speaking. These aren’t anything out of the ordinary and for the most part the points below are really common sense. The idea here is that too often we forget common sense when we’re overtaken by anxiety, social phobia and fear of public speaking. That’s a reality for a lot of people who are just starting to speak in front of an audience and it’s also a reality for more seasoned speakers who still find it challenging to overcome their fear of public speaking and stage fright.

Once again, these points are common sense, but you’ll still get a lot out of reviewing them:

1. Learn from people who have gone through the same experience.

2. Use sentences and techniques that have been tested.

• Some structures are known to work better than others. Rely on what works!

3. Practice a lot!

• This point can never be stressed enough.

4. Practice in front of a mirror.

• Learn to integrate your own body language style to your words.

5. Record yourself and listen to your pronunciation.

• This is an excellent way to speak with clarity.

6. Make sure you know your subject inside out.

• Your audience will respect you if you are an expert and know what you’re talking about.

7. Let the audience know upfront that public speaking is not easy for you.

• Some speakers may disagree with this, but many have embraced this idea. It might be more practical to use this technique in front of smaller audiences – this works particularly well if you have to present a wedding speech, as the audience is smaller and more forgiving. When you are drawing crowds of several thousand listeners, they expect you to be a top speaker.

8. Know your stage.

• You’ll want to visit the podium (and the room) before you speak to make sure you know where to step and what to avoid. If anything is unsafe on that podium, you want to know about it before hand and not risk being embarrassed on stage.

9. Know your technology before you deliver your speech.

• You should always test your visual aids and microphones before you deliver your speech.

10. Hire a specialist to take care of all technical considerations.

• If you’re microphone doesn’t work, you don’t want to be caught on stage trying to fix your own technical problems. Hire experts who can do it quickly. You should only have one focus – your audience.

11. Have handouts prepared just in case your visual aid doesn’t work.

• For obvious reasons, you should check your Power Point presentation many times to ensure that it works perfectly and there are no technical glitches. But sometimes, the best intentions are just not enough. Always have photocopies of the handouts that can be quickly distributed in case anything goes wrong.

12. Don’t forget to interact with the audience. This will not only make it more interesting for the audience, but it will ease the pressure off of you.

• If by any wild chance you get a question or comment that you cannot answer, simply be honest about it and let the audience member in question know that if they want to contact you directly you can try to get them an answer. If that question is really important to that audience member, he/she will take you up on your offer. If the question was not that important, you won’t need to worry yourself much because the audience member will not purpose matters any further.

Why Zoom Virtual Will Help You From Falling Behind in Today’s World

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When Zoom first appeared in the limelight as an another option for virtual communication I was just thinking that OK , another meeting option for teleconferencing. Little did I realize that Zoom’s features and capabilities would serve to be the mainstream mode for meetings , events , trainings and any other gathering that formerly could be done in person. Zoom’s capabilities offer one of the best virtual experiences for people to meet and conference.

 Being that I am in the motivational training business and cannot appear live on site I had to be an expert with Zoom to be able to hold any kind of training or speaking session. I found that Zoom has the wherewithal to be very efficient as an alternative to the real thing. Zoom offers virtual backgrounds to accentuate a professional setting simply by uploading images from sites that will let you download them into the Zoom app. Zoom also offers the ability to set up multiple meeting rooms which come in handy when you have break -out sessions. This is a great feature to use when you task the group to brainstorm or hold separate group meetings then report back to main meeting . You can also record your meetings for people that cannot attend or as a training module.

My experience with Zoom has gotten me to the point where I am now offering Zoom Training for companies that are looking to do more virtual meetings, trainings and presentations as well as one on one communications with their clients and medical patients, since most people have access to the Zoom application. I recently worked with a Director of Development and Marketing at a private high school who needed help with designing  a presentation to recruit prospective students into their program .Her job is to present the program to the families in hopes of netting  the parents of the prospective students to enroll in their preparatory program that is one of the best in the country. Zoom was the perfect tool to brainstorm and create an effective presentation in the two sessions that we had. The nice thing is that we could see each other just like we were in the same room. So if you are looking for a great way to accomplish your business needs during these times of limited association Zoom is definitely the answer.

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How to Find the Right Public Speaking Coach

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So you are having trouble speaking in front of audiences ? or you are trying to be more confident and effective with your presentations or speeches .There are many reasons why people struggle with putting themselves on the line bearing their souls to an audience in hopes of pulling off a good speech or presentation. There seems to be a plethora of public speaking coaches these days , so how do you know how to choose the right one?

First of all you will need to find out how long they have been in business and not only that but how they got their experience or who trained them. There seems to be many “public speaking coaches” that have just come on the scene because either they were top sales people , worked in human resources or similar. Actually finding a credible speaking coach you will want to find someone with many years of experience first apprenticing and teach for a credible speaking company with a good platform such as Dale Carnegie or equivalent. The next step is to have a short consult with a speaking coach to identify your issues and what you are looking to improve on and see if this is a match. Another crucial item is how the coaching is done. A true coaching session or workshop should be a “hands on” type class or session that way you will be performing what you have learned so that you will be “public ready” when you complete the training. 

Shopping for a public speaking coach is just like shopping for a quality item in the retail world , you have to be an educated consumer that does their homework on the product that will give you quality and lasting results.

How to Sift through the Facade of Training Companies and Coaches to Insure Quality Training

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All of a sudden over the past five or so years it seems that there are a plethora of “business coaches”,” business trainers” and so on. If your company or small business was lacking profit margin or morale was low the first thing you would do is look for help to remedy that particular situation. It seems like everybody and anybody that comes from some type of background in HR, or some type of management background was either displaced or decided that since they managed people or personnel that they are ready made consultants. The tricky thing is that you need to sift through the “fluff” that some of these folks provide and will not realize that you did not get expected results until that training or coaching has been provided.

So how to do separate the wheat from the chaff?, for one thing the most solid training companies or coaches will have been in business for some time and these folks will have been trainers that have been through an apprenticeship either with another training company which has been around for many years. Does this mean that this is a hard requisite? Not necessarily but you need to validate past results of the prospective trainer or coach or at least have an in-depth interview with the training company or coach prior to your engagement. Testimonials are another way to validate a successful and valid training company and you can find those on their web site. Leaders Speakers has been around since 2011 and has the experience of helping many individuals and companies become more productive through proven methods of hands-on leadership and  communications training . This type of training is based upon an amalgamation of the early fathers of motivation even dating back to Hippocrates who incidentally discovered the four personality temperaments.

So if you are searching for a training company or coach that will truly implement a successful long lasting affect that will benefit your organization for the long run, you must be vigilant in your quest for a solid solution to avoid a flash in the pan.

Why You Need More Than Confidence If You Want To Be Truly Successful

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Confidence is the assuredness you have in your abilities to perform a task successfully. Confidence helps you win competitions, master new skills or become a company big shot. Confidence is a great ability to develop or to have but it is one dimensional and not too versatile. Confidence can lead to comfort once a skill has been mastered. It’s certainly got most people to where they need to be and what they want to achieve but confidence has a close relative that most people have not met. This relative is the other dimension of confidence that many people overlook because they are comfortable with their level of confidence, but they are mistaken because the highly successful people use this component to add a dimension to their confidence. Competence just doesn’t sound that sexy or powerful as confidence but competence can separate two equally confident people.

Competence is the ability to be able to adjust or handle the unknown unlike the comfort confidently in performing routine task that you have mastered. Let’s just say that you think you are a great driver with all your years of driving experience you travel by car to your routine destinations and you know how to handle the roads well and are very confident navigating to the point of where it is completely automatic so you are totally confident as a driver on this route. One night however you are driving home at night as a deer runs out in front of you and the situation throws you for a loop almost colliding with the animal or swerving off the road to avoid it. This is where competence comes in, meaning that you have to be able react to a unknown situation and be able to be handle a curve ball at any time. The point is just being a good driver is not enough, you need to be competent to operate outside the box for your confidence when a known situation changes. I was once involved as a trainer for consumer outdoor power products training retail sales personnel around the country. There were four trainers that were responsible for a specific product line but were initially trained to teach on all power products. The trainees would rotate to each area and trainer for their education and then move onto the next. I was assigned lawnmowers line and got so good that I could do it blindfolded and was really comfortable and confident and it became second nature. Although one day I was asked to take over and teach another product line and was thrown for a loop because I was not versed with other power products as was suggested that I learned early on the result being that I was not truly competent to take over teach that product line. Form that particular instance I learned a lesson of great importance  and that was to be able to step out of a comfort zone even though I mastered one area well and to not be afraid to learn a new skill for overall growth.

I’m sure that you get the picture by now and have probably can think of or have had experiences where you had an opportunity to advance your skills but did not   because you were confident but not competent. So as you can see there is good reason to be able to not only being confident in your actions, but also being able to be competent in handling impromptu situations to be truly successful