3 Tips to Improve Public Speaking

3 Tips to Improve Public Speaking

The art of public speaking is not just beneficial for the work force but for personal growth as well. I remember kids in elementary school getting so nervous of public speaking they would be in tears before their turn. I wonder how those kids turned out?

Even if you don’t frequent speak in public, confidence, like a muscle gets better with usage.  There can be numerous situations where good public speaking skills can help advance your confidence as well as your career. Perhaps you been asked to make a speech at a friend’s wedding, give a eulogy or inspire a group of volunteers. This is no less an important public speaking event than a speech made in front of employees or employers.  Here are some basics to perfecting the art of public speaking.

Planning3 Tips to Improve Public Speaking

Planning appropriately can really boost confidence and performance. Think about the speech structure and the reactions you’re likely to get when delivering the speech. How would you like to hear this information? Is it engaging for the type of audience you have and will it inspire them to achieve whatever goals you desire? Those goals can be as simple as an applause of appreciation or as complex as motivating teams for battle.  Of course, not all speeches can be planned; some may be impromptu and by planning ahead for the unexpected you can be more confident if and when the time comes.


They say that amateurs practice until they get something right; professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. As with anything, practice makes better. Seek opportunities to practice a speech or simple give yourself ways to be more forward with leading instead of shrinking back in a crowd. If you have a planned speech, practice it many times alone before reciting it in front of a group. The more you practice, the more it can calm your nerves when the time comes.

Body Language

It always helps to read your audience but you need to be aware of your own body language as well. Your body movements will tell your audience how comfortable you are so if you stand tall, smile, look people in the eye and don’t rush through sentences, it can tell your audience that you are calm, confident and composed.

These three items are not the end all but they do account for some serious confidence in public speaking. For more tips, feel free to browse the website or call me. I would love to offer classes, seminars and tips to improving your public speaking skills.