5 Tricks to Better Time Management

5 Tricks to Better Time Management

Time. Something we just can’t seem to get enough of. I remember my father asking for more time for Christmas and my aunt getting him a jar of Thyme. Not quite the same thing. But seriously, we all want more time. But it’s like money, we all want more of it but we would spend it the same and still want more. When this happens we require a budget; when we need more time, we look to time management.  We can always strive for more money, but never are we given more time.

Most of us need more time to get our work done, whether it’s in the home or in the office. Here are some savvy time saving tricks and great ways to manage your time both personally and professionally more effectively.

#1. The Social Media Rabbit Hole5 Tricks to Better Time Management

We can all relate – well maybe some of us are more disciplined but I know for me, if I sit down and start to catch up on social media I could be stuck here for hours. Just don’t do it. Give yourself a time limit on Facebook, Twitter or other accounts and no more. Then when you’ve made sure the world isn’t on fire or someone’s cat hasn’t died, turn it off. Completely. Close down the window and get  to the real reason you sat down in the first place. It can be an easy distraction when you’re downloading a file or uploading a video to switch back to the social side but then you are dragged back down that hole again.

#2. Prioritize Your List

It can be overwhelming to think about all the things you have to do for the week or the month and you can get easily stressed and frustrated. Break it down into smaller bites and prioritize what really needs to get done for that day. Make a list, either online or on a regular old piece of paper. Give the items days of the week they must be done. If you have 20 tasks that must be done by the end of the week, assign 4 tasks each day. Then if there is time after those 4 are done, either check more emails, put out random fires or start on the next day. But don’t stress that all 20 must be done in one day.

#3. Set Two Ending Times

It can be easy to take work home with you at the end of the day so give yourself two finishing times; one for an ideal day and one for the latest time you won’t work past. Try to keep those latter times to a minimum of 2-3 per week.

#4. Take an Audit of What Drains Your Time

Make note of what is actually taking up your time. Do you get calls all through the day and can’t actually focus on the task at hand? Turn off your phone with a message stating you will return calls at a particular time each day. If it’s an emergency, please email me at: … Is Social Media a time waster? Turn off notifications. Visual distractions? Get it all out by enjoying the weather or the view for a moment, then closing the door, the window or turning off the radio so you can now focus on the task at hand.

#5. Take Mini Breaks

It’s ok to take a 5 minute break, even if you don’t go outside to smoke. Lactic acid can build up between your shoulder blades and in your frontal lobe if you sit for too long. Spread it out and refresh your body and mind by getting up, walking around and stretching for a few minutes.

These are just a few things that can really help you reorganize your day. Feel free to call me anytime for more information, tips and tricks to time management and organizing your productivity.