How to Conquer the Art of Giving a Great Presentation

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give a great presentation


Being able to give a great presentation in front of an audience may be good enough for a routine presentation, but if you are looking to truly influence and audience you will need to learn the fine art of selling.

Selling an audience involves a different strategy than the usual sales call. First of all you will need to have an outline of your great presentation with a good title; this means your title should be a solution that your audience will benefit from after listening to your presentation. The solution or title should be the “hook” that got your audience into the room. So what does a good hook look like? Most titles (hooks), (solutions) are pretty mundane just because the presenter typically thinks that once they get into to bulk of the presentation the audience get interested which may or may not happen. A mediocre hook that wasn’t developed properly  looks like this  “Develop a Winning Presentation”  a more effective title would look like this “How to Devise an Effective Presentation to Gain Audience Buy In” As you can see that latter presents more of a direct solution that will get the audience’s attention immediately and presents a solution.

The next trick or ability that one needs to hone is to build rapport ASAP with your audience, because we all know that people buy from whom they trust.  You can start with your background and some anecdotes to get started. Another good way to gauge the potential audience “buy in” would be to ask your audience why they are present at the seminar, meeting or lecture and then acknowledge their intent.  A great presentation should have three main components ; the opening (title) the body (presentation) and finally the (close or benefit) that the audience will gain as they subscribe to your direction . The reason most presenters fail is because they DO NOT use this simple formula!

A great presentation should be designed to educate and inform with a little suggestive selling by simply backing up your talking points with facts, examples of successful outcome so that it does not seem like you are pushing your sale on them. Trust me your audience will get the message and you can check this by observing their body language like facial expressions and other non-verbal cues. After you have completed the body of the presentation it is now time for the close, this process needs to be smooth as you can make it and the easiest way to do this is to recap your presentation mentioning your three or four main points then tying them into your close. I

Your close would literally go something like this;

So today we covered ..  Point #1 Coming up with a good solution or title to “hook” your audience,  2. Point #2 How building rapport to gain the trust of your audience,  3. Point #3 Showing evidence that our product or process works successfully, You will be able Devise an Effective Presentation to Gain Audience Buy In – Bam! You just closed your audience properly and then this will certainly lead to the question and answer portion of your presentation.  I am certain that if you incorporate this process into you next presentation you will have a successful outcome.