Ok I get the same response every time I mention that I am involved in public speaking and presentation skills training. “Yea I do not have a problem speaking in front of an audience” or either I get “I’m terrified speaking in front of an audience”. In either case 77% percent of the American people have some sort of anxiety of speaking in public, let alone trying to persuade and audience. Is that not what we are trying to accomplish,  persuade the audience? Surely you are not standing up in front of a crowd to just to spew some words out for some obligatory presentation or requirement. Nope,  you are mustering up your courage to speak  to an audience in hopes of convincing on behalf of your ideas, product or service successfully without fail I might add.

Well I’m sure you are waiting with baited breath to hear how you can magically reach your audience and gain their buy in right? Let alone rid yourself of the fear of standing alone in front of your colleagues , customers or organizations ect. Even though I have been involved in the motivational training business for some time,  I was contracted to persuade audiences to transition from the traditional to non- traditional medical methods to improve their quality of life. Imagine the credibility you need to establish to a potentially skeptical crowd?

So how do you actually sell to a crowd and not come off “salesy” and most importantly have a well designed speaking presentation that presents a solution right off the bat to hook your audience immediately so they want to know more. The trick here is to present them with an education on the topic to win their trust in your expertise , then check them for audience “buy in” periodically throughout your pitch, presentation ect..  by the time you get to the end of the presentation you will put on the final close, the thing is you will have had pre-qualified them with your “audience buy in checks” during the your speaking presentation. The closing would go something like this. Since your responses during the presentation indicated that our methods of treatment would be the key to improve your health just we are providing a free consult to determine if you will be a viable candidate. And you can apply this formula to any given topic of persuasion.   

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