Keys to Team Building with New Employees

Keys to Team Building with New Employees

Combining established employees with brand-new employees can create a little bit of an uncomfortable workplace dynamic. A good leader or manager helps combine senior employees with rookie employees in a cohesive manner but that’s not always easy. Here are some keys to team-building with new employees and blending the new with the old.

#1. Prepare established employees.Keys to Team Building with New Employees

One of the biggest ways to overcome the hurdle of incorporating new employees with established employees is to simply prepare them. Helping them understand new employees coming into the workforce is not meant to interrogate or intimidate established employees. Those that have worked in the business or the industry for some time should have a welcoming attitude to new employees understanding that those new employees may also be coming from a similar industry and have positive experiences coupled with new ideas.

Is the new employees have no experience, the established employees need to be patient, kind and understanding and simply preparing them with an incentive to do so could help the cohesiveness of the work team.

#2. Reiterate that new employees will not be pushing established employees out of business.

Unless you are hiring new employees with the sole purpose of “out with the old, on with the new” mentality, established employee should know that their experience coupled with new and bright ideas can create an even more impactful and effective team. There are many reasons new employees are brought in; increase in business and revenue, new ideas, fresh tactics, and long-term goals. If established employees understand that everyone is working together for the same result, it can help motivate the entire team to move forward cohesively.

#3. Focus established employees on mentorship.

Senior employees can help drive the success of a corporation or an initiative by leading and mentoring young employees. New employees are often graduates from academic institutions and have fresh knowledge and enthusiasm. However, senior employees understand that they can lack the skills required to navigate and succeed in a corporate environment. Understanding this position without the need to be condescending or treating them as inferior will go a long way in the overall goal for the team.

Keys to Team Building with New Employees#4. Define expectations.

If senior or established employees and new employees don’t understand the defined expectations that are required of them, they can be frustrated, cause chaos and confusion, and simply refuse to work together. Encourage employees to ask questions that they have a clear idea of the focus that the leader is trying to maintain.

#5. Initiate and encourage trust.

It can be very difficult for old employees and new employees to trust each other. This can be quickly dissolved by open communication and helping team members feel confident in each other’s abilities. Encourage employees to have faith in each other’s work ethic and feel comfortable about openly discussing their differences.

It is possible to combine established employees with new employees but it does help to have a leader or manager that understands the different differences, accepts them and and uses them to private operatively forward to the common goal.

For more information on team-building, incorporating senior employees with new employees or to simply understand the workforce and work ethic in your environment better, contact me anytime.