Public Speaking Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged


Public Speaking Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged

One of the main differences between an average speaker and a good speaker is that a good speaker possesses the ability to engage with people and keep them attentive. Good speakers are aware about how to make a connection with their audience.

It isn’t enough to just make your audience listen to you. The authenticity of your public speaking skills is best represented when your audience understands what you are trying to communicate in the first instance (no repetitions).

How to Keep Your Audience Attentive With Effective Speaking Skills

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  1. The first rule of a good presentation or speech is to keep it short and sweet. Always remember to stick within the allotted time. In fact, it is advisable to take less time than what is allotted to you. This way you can even squeeze in a question and answer session at the end. This way, the audience will probably feel energetic enough to actually take part in some active feedback and discussion at the end.
  2. State the objective behind your presentation or speech. The audience deserves to know in advance what the talk is going to be about. By doing this, you arouse the audience’s curiosity as well as their interest.
  3. Maintaining a good posture and a fair amount of movement can help the audience stay focused on you. Being stationary can induce boredom. Remember that your energy as a speaker determines the energy levels of the audience. An active and energetic speaker always manages to keep the audience interested.
  4. Encourage participation through quizzes and games. This not only boosts interest but allows the audience to retain what was discussed.
  5. Incorporate media and other props into your presentation. This provides you with the ability to better communicate aspects of your presentation or speech, which may not be effective if you are just transmitting your ideas orally.
  6. If you are conducting a sales or product demonstration, encourage the audience to test or try out the product. This keeps the audience attentive and also makes for a great marketing strategy that might eventually end in a successful sale.
  7. Enhance your content with stories and personal experiences. This adds more credibility to your presentation and peaks the interest of the audience.
  8. Giving out brochures and leaflets at the end of the presentation can help with communicating more voluminous or detailed information. It can also encourage involvement from the audience’s end.
  9. Use humor in your presentations. It is probably the most effective attention-grabbing technique there is. Laughter is known to stimulate the release of a hormone called adrenaline, which will help make the audience more responsive and even improve their memory. This means that the content you share will also be absorbed better.

 Developing  Public Speaking Skills

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You can make use of our Public Speaking skills and Presentation skills programs to improve your skills. There are public speaking training programs are designed with a blend of coaching, knowledge, and practice to help you master the art of public speaking.