North Carolina Association of Community College Business Office Professionals Team Building Event – Charlotte NC – May 19, 2015


Team Building Exercises for Meetings

The North Carolina Association of Community College Business Office Professionals was planning on having their semi – annual conference in Charlotte NC on May 19, 2015 at the University Hilton. 20150519_145208They had found and chose Leaders Speakers who specializes in Corporate Team Building Activities for Adults, had the perfect team building activity for adults to refresh and enrich the community College Administrators that attended the 2 day conference. The CEO of NCCBO contacted Leaders Speakers and described his needs and was immediately impressed with the of Bicycles Built By You ™ team building activity that would not only provide a fun and energetic event but would also include valuable key team building skills that would provide a great take away!

Fun Bonding Activities for Adults

The group of 60 participants entered the room and participated in a team building skills memory exercise, that amazed the group how learning new methods can vastly improve human potential. The eager participants were then split up and divided in to groups. Since all participants were gathered from around the state this gave them a chance to meet and engage with their counterparts for the first time, you could see the excitement radiate throughout the venue. The group’s were tasked was to come up with a team name, team cheer and team flag with craft materials that were provided for each table. The groups had an allotted time to come up with identities as to exercise efficiency and organization. When the allotted time was up the groups had to perform a stand – alone team cheer in which they were awarded a head start to build the bikes for their performance if they won according to the panel of judges”It was like the American Idol “the way performed competitively and put on some very creative and enthusiastic performances.

Fun Work Team Building Games For Charity 

The groups then reassembled at their tables and were given an envelope with various questions that would test their knowledge in many areas, the smartest groups utilized individual team members strengths to solve the questions quicker , then brought their answers up to the panel of judges that would award them a bike part for each correct answer. The teams were racing up to the judges anxious to turn in their answers for the bike parts needed to build a full bike; this fuels the competition and excitement of the event. After all groups completed assembling their bikes, the local Boys and Girls club was invited to come in at the end of the event to receive the completed bikes for the children in their after school programs. In the end the teams learned that valuable team building skills normally taken for granted, like cooperation and proper delegation of duties were essential to a winning organization.