Public Speaking Tips That Will Help You to be a Confident Speaker


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so confident and poised when they deliver their presentations? Well the answer is that they were not naturally born with the innate ability to give great presentations without being nervous. The truth is that they were probably as nervous and anxious as anyone else, but they learned a few tricks to overcome their anxiety. The magic if you will is simply knowing a few key things about you and your audience. The helpful information below will show you how to improve public speaking skills using the free public speaking tips.

free public speaking tipsFirst of all most people experience public speaking fear before they appear in front of a large group and then some of the body symptoms start to happen, sweaty palms , nervous stomach, heart racing, dry mouth. These things are not noticeable to the audience. The nervous presenter gets even more uptight when these symptoms arise because they think the audience can see these things happening to them but the truth is that the audience cannot see 90 percent of any nervousness that is going on with you. The second and third public speaking tips are: DO NOT memorize your presentation or recite your presentation word for word. People think that if they do these aforementioned things that they cannot possibly screw up their presentation but the opposite is true. What generally happens is that the speaker will lose their place and back track or forget then stammer and stutter which will ruin an ordinarily smooth presentation. Showing up early to make sure that your room is set properly and ensuring that you equipment is working will take a lot of pressure of you at the beginning of your speech or presentation. You will want to eliminate as much pressure as you can.

Reducing your public speaking anxiety

public speaking tipsMost people that present have a fear of the audience. They think that the audience may not like their presentation or they just get plain intimated standing up in front of people. The trick here is to scan the audience to find friendly and receptive faces and focus on those folks from time to time as reassurance that your presentation is being well received. I remember when I first started in the business I was working for a national seminar company and my assigned topic was Social Media Marketing and it was just as new to me as it was to the audience. I knew that there were some attendees that probably knew more than me so as I delivered the seminar I focused on the attendees that looked most attentive that way it gave me the confidence that my information was being well received and validated my confidence. Another public speaking tip that is discounted is  taking a couple of deep breathes.If at any time during your presentation you feel yourself tightening up simply take a couple of deep breathes, this will bring more oxygen to the brain and actually relax your body.

 Public speaking tips that show confidence

Have you ever been at a seminar, presentation or speech in which the speaker was so energetic and full of energy that you found yourself energized? Well the more excited about your topic you are the more your audience will be also. So do not be afraid to show your enthusiasm when giving your presentation. Presenters look the most confident and poised with their hands down at their sides. This is not to say that you cannot bring your hands up to gesture because I highly recommend it to be descriptive purposes and for animation. You should never have your hands in front of you this sends a signal to the audience that that you are creating a barrier between you and them. Last but not least preparing for your presentation should be done with another person for a couple of key reasons. Another person can act as great feedback for your presentation or speech and they also serve as a bit of an audience for you. If you employ these public speaking techniques when delivering your next presentation you should be a lot less nervous and a lot more confident.