Tips for Time Management in the Workforce

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Tips for Time Management in the Workforce

You may have time management completely figured out in both your personal and your work life but your employees may still be struggling. If you want your entire team to work cohesively to make the best use of their time, they all need to be working on their own time management for each task given to them.

Here are some tips to establish good time management practices within your employees and the team as a whole.

Start with smaller tasks that can be completed quickly.Tips for Time Management in the Workforce

Make a list of some of the smaller tasks that can be completed within a short amount of time, perhaps a day or two. Schedule the people that will be working on those tasks and give them a deadline within that short amount of time. These may be menial tasks that must be completed before the larger project can be tackled but still just as important. Having these smaller tasks out of the way will eventually help the team focus as a whole on the larger result.

Break larger jobs into smaller tasks.

Perhaps there is a very large goal that the team is trying to get to; split that project up into smaller tasks that one or two people can work on at a time. This will ease some stress and if everyone just works on their little piece of the puzzle, the entire project will come together much quicker.

Create a worksheet for the entire week or month.

Not everybody is a checklist type of person but checklists certainly should not cause harm or stress. Write down everything that needs to be accomplished within the team broken down by team member and give each person a day to work on a different part of the project. Once that project piece is completed for the day can be crossed off. Employees can work ahead as long as they don’t rush through the immediate task at hand.

Tips for Time Management in the WorkforceSet distractions aside.

Projects can almost never get done when the phone keeps ringing, email notifications keep coming in and your phone keeps reminding you of texts or alerts. This is the time to turn everything off, close all the windows on your screen and focus on the task at hand. This is not to say that you can take a phone call here and there, but give yourself at least an hour or two to work on a project undistracted and undisturbed. Once that time allotment is completed, do your social checking or email and phone message retrieval, turn everything off again and work on the next project.

Avoid multitasking.

Multitasking is the ultimate distraction. It’s hard to focus on one item when you’re constantly distracted from people walking into the office, asking you to do an additional project or giving your attention to too many things at a time. It can be hard to regroup and refocus back to the initial task at hand. Again, set aside at least one or two hours to focus on one item at a time without distraction. If necessary, put a do not disturb on your desk, cubicle or your office door until the project is completed.

This can be difficult but once you’ve established a routine and people are aware of your work ethic and practices it will be much easier to run with this system in the future.

Need more tips on time management for your team or office building? Give me a call at any time for team-building activities, classes and more.